Broken Lines

Animation and personal junk.


Illustrator & Artist:

Antonio Caparo

"Companion Devices"


"Those Who Came First"





"Certified Organic Astronaut"


 The  "Astronaut Series"

"An attempt to create portraits of futuristic astronauts but adding a lot of bio-engineered stuff to their suits so they are no longer metal and rubber things but something entirely different, suits were things grow on top of them, synthetics more linked to nature and at the same time more alien."

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Original art of “A Letter to Momo” US poster.

The Vagrant - by Ewan Green

The Vagrant - by Ewan Green


"See that house with the Ivy on it? From that rooftop, what if you leapt onto the next rooftop, dashed over that blue & green wall, climbed and jumped up the pipe, ran across the roof and jumped to the next? You can, in animation.

If you could walk along the cable, you could see the other side. When you look from above, so many things reveal themselves to you. Maybe race along the concrete wall. Suddenly, there in your humdrum town there is a magical movie. Isn’t it fun to see things that way? Feels like you could go somewhere far beyond…

                                                                        …maybe you can…”

- Hayao Miyazaki (From ‘The Kingdom of Dreams & Maddness’ Studio Ghibli documentary)

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