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Red fan art for Supergiant Games’s Transistor. 8)


Red fan art for Supergiant Games’s Transistor. 8)





Enjoy. :)

Well, it’s finally completed. Fans all across the internet using their individual styles to create a recreation of an episode of Sailor Moon. Not too shabby. 

Congratulations to all involved.

Oh shit! I did one scene in this! Go watch it!

This is amazing on every level.


On July 20th, 1991, Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro) was released in theatres in Japan. This is the only theatrical Ghibli film to not get a release in the US and Canada. Disney did not distribute it due to references to menstruation.


Haven’t had the time to do any finished work, so here’s a warm-up and another (wip) version of the kelpie.



D-O-N-E! DONE! The video is up, we’re ready to go, and at 5pm PST/8pm PST, hold onto your butts for some cartoon collaboration action! (Be sure to watch it in 720p!)



Art from the book A Monster Calls written by Patrick Ness and illustrated by Jim Kay.

It’s a children’s book about a boy (Conor) who starts having nightmares about a monster every night since his mother started her cancer treatment. One night when he wakes up, there is an actual monster right outside his window. The monster is a yew tree in the cemetery behind Conor’s house during day-time but the monster we see at night. I wont go into more detail about the story because it’s really worth reading. You might want to have some tissues and ice-cream ready though.

It was inspired by Siobhan Dowd, who passed away due to cancer and could not write this book herself

HERE is the story if anyone is interested in reading this. It is just the story and no illustrations. 

There’s a very cool animated trailer by eRic guÉmise.

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